Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What You Should Know About the Birth Control Shot

Progesterone represents the hormonal basis for the birth control shot. With this contraceptive method, an amount of progesterone is injected in the woman's upper arm or buttocks, for a three-month pregnancy prevention. Progesterone blocks the release of the eggs from the ovaries. According to statistics, the birth control shot is one of the most convenient and efficient of all contraceptive methods. Only 3 in 100 couples have an accidental pregnancy while using the shot.

The efficiency of the method depends on how correctly it is used, on existent health conditions and on the interaction with other medications. There are some side effects that you need to be aware of when it comes to the use of the pregnancy control shot:

-irregular periods or absence of periods;
-breast tenderness;
-weight gain.

Doctors warn users of the higher risks of using the pregnancy control shot on the long run. Studies have revealed that the administration of progesterone for contraceptive purposes could lead to loss of bone density. Normally, the bone density gets back to normal when you stop using the shot.

A way of fighting this inconvenience would be to use a calcium supplement on a daily basis. It is of paramount importance to stay in touch with your doctor, as well as to be honest about your health condition and lifestyle habits that might interfere with the use of hormonal birth control. For example smokers are more prone to developing side effects than non-smokers. Make sure you tell the doctor if you smoke.

The birth control shot does not work well for every individual. This is a number one issue to keep in mind when making a decision. Women who have difficulty remembering to take the pill or nursing mothers often go for the pregnancy control shot as an easy way to be safe from unwanted pregnancy. Yet, some medical or other special conditions make the birth control shot less effective or risky. This form of contraception is not recommended for women who have suffered or currently suffer from:

-various forms of cancer;
-migraine headaches;
-unexplained vaginal bleeding;
-blood clots etc.

You should talk to the doctor about whatever condition you might suffer from in order to prevent any dangerous situation that may compromise your health. There are various other contraceptive methods besides the birth control shot that can be a lot more suitable for your individual specificity. Don't ignore health matters for the sake of convenience.

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