Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Types of Birth Control Methods

People now have access to many types of birth control. If for casual sex, lots of people use condoms only, and the morning-after pill, when necessary, stable couples often want to explore their options more carefully. It is when people get involved in serious relationships that they search for information and talk to family planning specialists to find reliable methods that reflect their sexual needs.

Hormonal birth control

Numerous types of birth control means use hormones to prevent pregnancy. Here we ought to mention the patch, the hormonal shot, the oral pill, the vaginal ring and a certain variety of intrauterine devices. Hormonal contraceptives have a high efficiency rate, yet they have a higher risk of side effects, and they cannot be used by just anybody. The woman should be in perfect health, and should consult a specialist to have a hormonal contraceptive prescribed.

ITU devices

The intrauterine device is inserted in the woman's uterus, making the uterine lining unsuitable for the implantation of a fertilized egg. It can only be inserted by a gynecologist. The doctor will explain to you how the device works and whether you have to pay attention to special issues while you have it on. Sometimes the ITU can cause abnormal bleeding or very abundant menstrual bleeds.

Barrier methods

These types of birth control include condoms, female diaphragm, cervical cap and sponges. Condoms are the only ones that protect against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy at the same time. However, they have to be used correctly and consistently to offer optimal protection. The cervical cap and the diaphragm need to be custom-made so that they fit the woman's individual specificity.

Natural birth control

Some people use natural contraceptive methods in parallel with other types of birth control. Here we should mention the calendar method, that calculates the fertile period based on the changes specific to the woman's menstrual cycle. The fertile period can be determined either by observing the consistency of the cervical mucus, or by taking and recording basal temperature daily.

Natural birth control is also possible through abstinence or through withdrawal. It is important to talk to a family planning expert to evaluate your options and know for sure which methods are more suitable for you. Sometimes a combination of various types of birth control should be used in order to achieve the right kind of protection against pregnancy and STDs. Moreover, an open attitude in the couple with mutual respect and support helps a lot.

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