Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birth Control and the Importance of Choice

In weighing birth control options, "How much is plan B?" is a vital question to ask. Each birth control method differs from the other, and these differences aren't manifested only in terms of cost. They differ in the way they are administered, in how often they need to be used, in how long they stay effective, in their possible side effects, and others. Also, each birth control method needs to fit the needs of the person who wants to use it, so it's mostly on a case-by-case basis. However, before even beginning to weigh these options, people first need to understand exactly what this is all about.

Birth control or contraception is an important aspect of family planning. All living beings are precious, and the quality of life is something we need to guard conscientiously. When babies are born in this world, it should be because they are wanted. It should be because their parents are excited to see them and give them full, quality lives. Raising a child is an enormous responsibility, and only those who are ready to take that responsibility should do it. This is precisely one of the reasons why contraceptives exist. Contraceptives are there to prevent any unwanted pregnancies, thereby ensuring the quality of life - not only for the babies that do get born, but for the children who are already here. Various methods of birth control have been used to plan the spacing between children, and families are all the better for it. Timing is a very important part of family planning, because not only should they ask themselves if they are responsible enough to raise a child, they should also ask themselves if NOW is a good time to do so. This proactive stance parents take is admirable, because it shows that they are really giving a lot of thought into planning their family life.

Of course, this isn't just about family planning. It is also useful for a lot of health reasons. Some contraceptives have been used to prevent the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, which continue to affect so many people everywhere in the world. We live in different times, and people are free to make their own choices, but to be responsible about those choices is another thing. No sexually active adult in the right mind would risk contracting a sexually transmitted disease if properly educated about it and the ways to prevent it. This is another reason why contraceptives exist.

At the end of the day, this is about the choices we make. Choosing to practice birth control is actually about taking responsibility for your sexual life. But the choice does not end there. Birth control is not a bag of jelly beans that people pick randomly from. You know your individual needs, so the next step is to fit those needs with the various options available. The bottom line is that it's important to make an informed choice when it comes to birth control, and because information is now readily available, this shouldn't be too hard to do.

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